Do you like to tszuj?

Hi Lovelies,

I’d been thinking of what to write about for a couple of days, when all of the sudden it hit me.  Why not write about one of my favourite words?!  After all, blogging is stringing a whole bunch of words together and… well… sometimes, they deserve a post all of their own, don’t they?   I think so.

The word is ‘Tszuj‘.  The action of which is ‘Tszujing‘.  I just love it.  Don’t you?

Some people spell it jooj or zhooj or joosh but apparently, the correct spelling is tszuj.

How amazing does it feel to say it?  It just rolls off the tongue!  How could it NOT be one of my favourite words?!


I have researched where it came from and what I found was very interesting.

Although it was introduced to mainstream culture by none other than the fabulous Carson Kressly, who famously used it on the hit TV show ‘Queer Eye For The Straight Guy’ in 2003, it has actually been around for much longer.

Carson himself said he picked it up while working for the famous fashion designer, Ralph Lauren.

Have you heard of ‘Polari’?  The word comes from the Italian word ‘parlare’ (or – to talk).  It is a form of ‘cant slang’ or ‘jargon’ used in Britain by actors, circus and fairground showmen, merchants, navy sailors, prostitutes and the gay subculture.  It was even heavily featured on BBC programs in the 60’s.

FYI – the word ‘bona’ is polari as well.  You’re welcome.

Polari was mostly used prior to the decriminalisation of homosexuality in 1967 and fell out of use in the 70’s but a few words stuck.  ‘Tszuj’ just happened to be one of them.  Yay!

The verbal language of Polari is no younger than 50 years old.  It may even be 150 years old.  It is difficult to say exactly, given that it was not picked up as a ‘thing’ until the 60’s.

Initially it was a reference for clothing and hair but now it can relate to just about anything.  We have taken the word and run like Forrest with it.  Now it relates to ‘make stylish’, ‘enliven’, ‘update’…the list goes on.

It can even be used when going to the beauty salon.  I’ve been known to say “I’d like my punani tszuj’d please” and the results were exactly what I was after.  Bikini wax.  CHECK!

You can tszuj (clean) your car.

You can tszuj (make up) or (shave) your face.

You can tszuj (decorate) your house.

You can tszuj (buy something new for) your wardrobe.

You can tszuj (add accessories to) your outfit.

You can tszuj (have a pedicure) or (clip) your toenails.

Would I like my glass tszuj’d? (filled up) Yes please!

Oh and I LOVE it when someone tszujs (deposits into) my bank account.

Heck, I even tszuj’d (spruced up) my blog.

I think you get the idea.

I hope you have enjoyed my ‘Tszuj’ obsession as much as I have enjoyed writing about it.  It is time for me to say goodbye for now.  I must go tszuj myself for my night out.

Until next time.  Keep tszujing!

Love and Light always,

Yvette xxx


Who is Yvette Gray?

Hi Lovelies,

Thank you for taking the time to visit and read my very first blog post. You’re awesome!

Now.  First things first.  I don’t have a clue what I am doing but I am a ‘doer learner’ so I’ll get there eventually.  Besides, I am surrounded by amazing people like you, so I know I’m in safe hands and you’ll help me along the way.  “How am I supposed to help?” you ask…   By letting me know when what I’ve written is crap and telling me what you’d like to hear about.  Thank you in advance my friends.

Ok.  A little about me then…

My husband says I am like an Ikea tester.  If it can be broken, I’ll break it.

Oh and I love cats.  I (we) have two of them.  Their names are Tiga and Quattro.  They’re both girls.  Tiga means three in Indonesian and she was named by a Vet because she only has 3 legs.   I’m glad they didn’t call her Tripod.  She was hit by a car with her previous owner, who wanted her put down.  Thank goodness the Vet had her signed over and did the amputation because now we’re her lucky parents.  She runs the house.  You can guess how many legs Quattro has.  She’s a giant kitten and loves to smurgle.  I’ll let you look that one up if you don’t know what it means.

I love the number 2… and I don’t mean poop either.  I have ‘doubles’ in my life on a daily basis and they’re my signs that everything is as it should be.  They come from everywhere and anywhere.  My husband gets them too.  We call them VERYfications.

I am lucky.  Very lucky.  I won a car in 1998 and win lotto often.  I believe it, so I am.  You should try it!

I am an exercise freak.  It keeps me sane, although my husband might tell you otherwise.  He thinks I’m a nutcase but he loves me anyway.

Baby Aqua is my favourite colour.  Pink and yellow come a close second and third.

If it’s lace, I’ll love it.

Makeup and hair is my thing.  I have been doing it for twenty years.  There’s nothing better than seeing my client’s faces light up when they look in the mirror after I’ve worked my magic.  The strut that follows is the real kicker.  Bee Gee’s eat your heart out.  I have to admit though, sometimes I feel like saying “I’m an artist with a brush, not a witch with a wand!”

I Love food.  A lot.

I have always enjoyed writing, which has brought me here, now, with you.  I am writing a book.  Well, I have written one and I’m in the process of editing it.  But more about that later.blogSleeping in is the BEST.  Especially in freshly washed sheets.

Punctuality is important to me.  If I am running late, which is usually not my fault,  I.  Can’t.  Even.  Deal.

I am a ‘Grateful to have a glass’ kind of person.  Oh and it is always half full.  Unless it’s wine, in which case you can fill that sucker up for me please!!

Everything you say will relate to a song in my head in an instant.  I’ll probably sing it.  Yes.  I am one of THOSE people. #sorrynotsorry

I don’t believe in ‘getting older’.  I believe in ‘getting better’.

I think that’s enough for now.  Hubby is cooking me dinner.  It’s called ‘The doona destroyer’ and it’s the BEST!

Until next time.

Love and Light always,

Yvette xxx