A Wink From The Universe

Hi Lovelies,

Are you paying attention?

It’s those moments that feel like  a wink from the universe that let us know all is as it should be.

Synchronicity is the concept of ‘meaningful coincidence’.

From the moment I first became aware of it, the phenomenon has featured very strongly in my life.  It is a powerful reminder that we are in fact magnets.  Walking, talking, thinking, feeling magnets.

I for one have certainly noted the many times in my life when I felt like crap.  I focussed on it; got stuck in it and drew more of it to myself.  I didn’t mean to, but I wasn’t strong enough to be aware of my consciousness and stay in a place of gratitude.  I focussed on what I didn’t have rather than what I had.  I thought about what people did to me instead of what I could do for them.  The results were to be expected.  Crap, crap and more crap.


On the other hand, I’ve observed myself feeling super wonderful and watched magic happen.  During those times, which I’m proud to say are now way more commonplace than the above, I’ve looked after myself better in body, mind and spirit.  My thoughts have been positive and I’ve been able to nip any pesky little negative thoughts in the bud, without even so much as a trip on a crooked footpath.  It’s been smooth sailing and full of surprises.  Of the good variety.

It’s fun to watch what happens when you allow yourself to think the best and only the best.  Let all of the other stuff go.


For example, when I was eighteen years old, I told my beautiful Mum that I was going to win a car.  She said “You can’t say that!”  and I said “You watch!”  I believed it with every inch of my being.  I didn’t attach myself to the results by entering in to every single raffle I could get my hands on, I just trusted that it would happen when it was meant to.  It didn’t happen overnight, but it did happen.

In 1998, I took out my first loan to buy a car.  In doing so, I automatically went in to the draw for a silver, limited edition, convertible Holden Barina.  When my loan advisor gave me the raffle ticket, I saw the number on it was ‘123400’.  I said to her “That’s the winning ticket” …and it was.  It cemented my belief in the power of the mind.

As you may be aware, I’m writing a book.  I’ve been madly editing it for months.  Yesterday was my husband and my twelve year wedding anniversary and I just happened to arrive at the page where I wrote about the day we got engaged.  How’s that for synchronicity?!

Later in the day, I had the privilege of working with the super lovely, best selling author, Rachael Johns.  While chatting away, she offered me the direct contact details of her publisher and is sending an introduction email for me first.  I was blown away.  But then again, I was kind of expecting something like that to happen.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about my book launch.  It may be a fair way off at this point, but I’m allowed to be excited about it now.  I was working with another one of my amazing clients late last week and she very kindly offered me her stunning home as the venue for it.

My subconscious has asked, my heart has trusted and the universe is answering my wishes.

The world responds to the thoughts and feelings that we give attention to.

I have written on my bathroom mirror, ‘Wonderful things will happen for me today’, so I see it and recite it every single morning.  You should try it.  It’s kind of magic.

Until next time…

Love & Light always,

Yvette xxx